Jolly Rebellion

Ideas that do good, done differently


We’re not here to make trouble.
We’re here to make ideas that work.

Jolly Rebellion is an integrated creative agency that has risen to do what marketers are crying out for.

To create authentic ideas, proven in purpose that truly pay back to brands, people and the world around them.

And we do it differently too.
How We Work

As you can imagine, we have a slightly
unconventional way of working.

Right from the outset we bring a team of people from advertising, PR, digital, experiential and production backgrounds to the table early with our clients.

We then pull in the right people to challenge us; be they opinionated customers, YouTubers, political leaders or experts in fashion, music or whoever is right for your brand. And we keep them involved, so we test and validate ideas along the way.

And once we’ve nailed the idea, the same team can evolve and deliver it across the right channels.

It’s a jolly good way of working.
Work We Do

We create strategies for brands
and newsworthy ideas.

From a TV campaign to social content to an event or a piece of IP. We target in the right way with the right channel.

In the past we have brought joy to London by sailing a giant rubber duck down the River Thames, helped Jamie Oliver talk kids into eating better and prevented youth violence through Facebook.

We’re now helping others get noticed...let’s see what we can do for you.

New business

Got a project you’d like us to look at? We'd love to hear from you.