Jolly Rebellion

Ideas that do good, done differently


When you make good trouble,
you make ideas that work.

Jolly Rebellion create ideas that do good for brands, people and the world around them. 

To make sure they solve problems we liberate our ideas to be anything; from a film to a piece of IP. That’s how we make good trouble.

How We Work

Collaboration is always the answer.

Founded by a creative and a strategist we're not about the fancy boardroom or the posh biscuits. We're about the best talent to create the best ideas.

Every problem is different, so we work collaboratively with our clients and pull in best-in-class specialists from our network who are right for each and every project we take on. So you pay for the work, not the beanbags.

It’s a jolly good way of working.
Work We Do

We target in the right way,
with the right channel.

In the past we have brought joy to London by sailing a giant rubber duck down the River Thames, helped Jamie Oliver talk kids into eating better and prevented youth violence through Facebook.

We’re now helping others get noticed...let’s see what we can do for you.

New business

Calling like-minded clients. If you're fed up with getting the same-old solutions and want to shake things up a bit, say hello.